rules for teens

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rules for teen
- know your boundaries:
• you're a teenager, you have more a lot more freedom than before, but you have to be aware. more freedom comes with more responsibility
- don't get influenced:
• drugs and alcohol can screw up your entire life just because everyone does it and says it's cool, does not mean it is at all
- be patient:
• you have your life life ahead of you. don't make the wrong choices that can end up messing up your life
- save up:
• this is the time before you're an adult, you know what's in the future. open up a bank account to save money for your future
- grades:
• high school is the time where everything matters colleges begin to look at your grades and watch your social medias try your hardest so you can have a good and successful future
- social media:
• like I said above, colleges watch what you do online don't post anything that can make a bad impression when you go to a party, I recommend logging out of all social medias just incase
- friends:
• hang out with the right people, you can be mutual with certain people. if you know of someone who is a troublemaker, just stay away if you can

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