diy fall party treats

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fall party treats

− diy caramel apple bar:
• get a whole bunch of different bowls or dishes for your toppings
• then fill em up with whatever you want like granola bars, coconut, sprinkles, lucky charms but like literally whatever you want
• get some cake pop sticks from target and cut some apples into small wedges so you can stick the apple on the stick
− Apple cider floats:
• use any kind of cup you want, after add how many scoops of vanilla ice cream and pour in Apple cider
• you can sprinkle some Cinnamon, nutmeg, or any kind of spices on top
− popcorn party mix:
• all you need is some popcorn ofc and then you need to add some pretzels and then you can add whatever you want
• after you added all your treats inside drizzle some chocolate, caramel, or anything you want

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