how to make up for beginners

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how to:
makeup for
⇢ think about complexion:
• you've got to think about exactly what you want to hide, what shade of skin you have and what your complexion holds
⇢ moisturizer:
• this is why knowing your complexion is so, so important! Is your skinoily? Is it dry? It is a combination?
⇢ primer:
• primer is actually how you can keep your makeup looking fresh and stay on all day
• I've heard MAC primer really helps ensure that your makeup will stay in place all day
⇢ choose your shade:
• you want to pick something that matches your skin tone exactly, that way you don't have any lines when you're putting your foundation on
⇢ powder vs. liquid:
• is powder or cream better? Well ladies, this makeup tip for a beginner is all about preference. some people love powder, & I also love the control that you have with liquid or even cream
⇢ bronzor:
• for a beginner all revolves around finding your right shade and also ensuring that you are starting out with just a little bit
• contouring with bronzer is a great way to really make your face have a great summer glow!
• just touches on your cheeks, forehead and even your nose will really brighten up all of your features!
⇢ blush:
• ladies, just remember, find the right shade that fits your skin tone and don't put on a ton of blush
⇢ mascara/eyeliner tricks:
• anything Maybelline, I swear, their mascara lasts forever and it is absolutely the best for lengthening!
• the cat eye, the dropped wing look, the winged look - it's all out there and you should find the look that works for you

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