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What are you wearing ?

I am wearing a white top with a pic of cookie monster on it

That says " one tough cookie " and its from jayjays and I'm wearing black , gray and white tartan tights from jayjays with ankle white Nike socks and purple and grey dc shoes
Ever been in love ?

Ever had a terrible break up?

When's your birthday?

16th may
What's your zodiac sign?

What's the quality you look for in a partner ?

Favorite quote ?
I don't have just one but here r a few of mine

Well behaved woman rarley made history

I like people who smile when its raining

I was sad but then I bought something online

Please never stop being weird in the most wonderful ways
Fav colour ?

Teal,blue,green,pastel colors
Fav actors?

Jonah hill,Owen Wilson, Vince Vaughn, Ben stiller,Hugh Jackman,j Lawrence ,
How long does it take you to shower ?

10 mins
Where do you go when your sad?

Outside or my room
Ever been in a physical fight?

Yea with my brother
How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?

1 hour and 10 mins
Turn on

Nice smile
Turn off

The reason u joined wattpadd?

I was looking for a app that you could read books for free and I found wattpad and I've loved it since
Loud or soft music ?

Last time you hung out with any one ?

3 days ago
Last song u sung ?

The lazy song
Fav song?


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