diy room decor

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do it yourself:
room decor ✂️

✧ intro:
this easy diy's will freshen up your room
and give it a new look for spring!
✧ frames
take four frames and spray paint them to
any color you'd like or to match your room.
go online and print out cute little quotes
and small pictures. cut them out into
squares and put them inside the frame.
hang them above your bed. place two on an
angle like a diamond on top of each other
and the other two normal to the left and
right of each.
☕️ ✧ mug
in a bowl, take 3 or 4 nail polish colors
and add an amount to the bowl. taking a
plain colored mug, dip the bottom into
the polish to add an effect to the bottom
of the mug. put makeup, brushes, pens
or fake flowers into the mug!
✧ wall of lights
taking tacks, place them on the top and
bottom of your wall. purchase fairy lights
or just any strand any wrap it around one
pin then to the bottom and back up the
whole length of the wall.
✧ inspiration wall
using round piece of corks, attach them to
you wall to use as a cork board. go online
and find pictures/quotes that make you feel happy & motivated. place them on the board in no particular order. make sure it's in a spot you'll see everyday.
✧ mason jars
this is very similar to the mug, except you
will use a mason jar and spray paint it one
color to match your room. use a jar that
has detail to give it more depth and
✧ donut coaster
using a piece of cork, cut it into the shape
of a circle. using an exacto knife, cut a
smaller hole in the middle. using paint or
spray paint, decorate as if it was a donut!
✧ shattered art
take a bunch of silver or gold CDs and
break it into many small pieces. using any
type of frame, glue them to the surface
in no specific way to create a custom, shiny piece of artwork.

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