diy coffee scrub

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how to [diy]:
coffee scrub
✧ intro: ↠ hey guys! lush products are super popular so here's a diy coffee one you can try!
☕️ you will need:
✧ 1 cup coffee beans
✧ 1/2 cup white or brown sugar
✧ 1 cup coconut oil
☕️ what to do:
✧ mix all ingredients together thoroughly and enclose in a container
✧ after you wash your body, massage the scrub on wet skin and rinse with warm water.
✧ this scrub will instantly make your skin feel soft & hydrated
✧ my tip to you: ↠ just in case you were wondering, this is only a body scrub! to make the coffee face scrub, combine 1 tsp coffee beans, lemon juice, salt, & honey instead!

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