how to become an actor/actress

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how to:
become an
⇢ make sure this is something you want to do:
• not just something you want to do for the fame and fortune
⇢ take acting classes:
• take some outside or inside school
• it is really good for you to get an experience
⇢ join local plays or school musicals:
• they can add up to your resume and it's better if you have more experience
⇢ get headshots taken:
• it can range from $200-$500 but it is one of the most important things that an actress/actor can have, keep it natural
⇢ print out your resume and list all experience and training that you've ever had, the more the better
⇢ find your self a local agent:
• send him/her your resume and headshots because they help you find auditions, not all charge money but can take 10% from your earnings
⇢ audition for movies/plays/etc and have fun:
• if this is really what you want to do try your very best and realize this may be some- thing that you are most likely going to be doing for the rest of your life

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