diy christmas gifts

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⛄️ Diy Christmas gifts⛄️
- 52 things I love about you:
• deck of cards
• hole puncher
• labels
• markers
• ribbons
- grab your deck of cards and punch 2 holes on the sides on each and every card
• slap a label and sticker on one of the cards and decorate it however you want but it has to say "52 things I love about you"
• for each and one of the cards keep putting a label on them and ofc on each card, tell them what you love about them
- phone case:
• printer
• collage or picture of a celeb/Yotuber/e.t.c.
• clear case
- print out the picture you want and put your clear phone case on top of the picture
• trace it and then cut it out
• then basically put it inside your phone it's so easy and so cute
- Starbucks cup:
• get any kind of Starbucks cup and fill it in with a bunch of goodies
• candy/gift card/money/eos/e.t.c.
- gift basket:
• get a basket and fill it in with your persons favorite stuff
• like there favorite candy, movie, clothes, & e.t.c.
- mason jar treat:
• mason jar
• sugar cookie mix of any cookie mix
- make little batches of cookies and decorate them as you want them
• for the mason jar decorate them as you want

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