april fools day pranks

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april fool's day pranks
prank your friends & family
↠ the "mom" text prank:
borrow your friend's phone, change your contact name to "mom," and start sending them hilarious un-mom-like messages.
↠ the "orange juice" prank:
fill up a pitcher with powder from a box of mac and cheese, add water and stir. it'll look orange.
↠ the unusable soap prank:
paint a bar of soap with clear nail polish so it will no longer work.
↠ smelly armpit prank:
replace someone's deodorant with butter or cream cheese by scraping the top layer off.
↠ confetti shower prank:
if it's raining on april's fool day, put some confetti into their umbrella, close it and wait for the prank victim to open it.
↠ running late prank:
while the victim is asleep, reset all the clocks ahead two hours. when they wake up, they'll panic and think they slept late and are late for school or work.
↠ the taped remote prank:
put a bit of tape over the sensor and watch with glee as your frustrated family/friends tries to play the movie.
↠ salty and sweet prank:
switch the sugar and the salt. ex: if you have someone in your family that's a coffee drinker and likes sugar in their coffee, place salt in the sugar bowl and they'll have a strange mixture of salty coffee.
↠ the bug prank:
freak out your friends, get a paper cup, write "do not open unless you plan to kill it" and put the cup face down.
↠ the toothpaste oreo prank:
replace the frosting inside the oreos with toothpaste.
↠ the donut prank:
stuff the donuts with mayonnaise.

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