caring for curly hair

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caring for curly hair
⇢ deep conditioning ever week or so to lock in moisture
⇢ don't use too much heat (curling irons, flat irons) it damages your curly hair and makes it frizzy
⇢ after getting out of the shower, gently towel dry your hair and blot (don't rub) your hair with the towel, rubbing wet hair with a towel causes damage that leads to frizzy hair
⇢ avoid brushing curly hair because it will cause hair to frizz and separate due to a breaking up of the curl. Instead, use a wide-tooth plastic comb to gently detangle the hair
⇢ don't wash your hair every single day, it takes out helpful oils you need. Wash it every 2-4 days depending on your preference
⇢ if your curly hair is thick and coarse, apply a silicone serum to the length of your hair before you start styling or add other styling products
⇢ avoid the hair closest to the scalp
⇢ if your curly hair is fine and thin, then use a silicone spray and apply as little as possible to the length of your hair, again avoiding the scalp
⇢ use diffuser at the end of your hair dryer if you blow dry your hair
⇢ curling mousse and gels are great products for giving curls definition

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