clean or toss beauty tools

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clean or toss ¿?
beauty tools
↝ makeup brushes
clean: at least every other week
toss: when ratty or frayed
↝ makeup sponges
clean: weekly
toss: every three months or when cracked
↝ eyelash curlers
clean: weekly
toss: every 4-6 months or when rusty
↝ makeup bags
clean: monthly
toss: when it's no longer salvageable
↝ metal tools
clean: at least every two weeks
toss: when tools start to dull or you see rust
↝ razors
clean: rinse and dry after every use
toss: every other week or when it begins to dull
↝ hairbrushes
clean: remove hair weekly; full cleanse monthly
toss: when bristles are broken or damaged

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