diy easy spring treats

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how to [diy]:
easy spring treats
[] ⇝ easy spring donuts
✱ use a bottle cap to poke a hole in a half inch slab of Pillsbury biscuits
✱ pour some oil over a pan on medium heat
✱ use tongs to move each donut on the pan. cook both sides until golden
✱ decorate with pastel icing and rainbow sprinkles (creds: aspyn)
[] ⇝ oreo chicks
✱ melt some white chocolate and dye it yellow and coat each oreo entirely
✱ cut a pretzel stick down to size then poke into the icing so it looks like feet
✱ add two chocolate chips for eyes. let harden, then add some orange icing for a nose
[] ⇝ garden in a jar
✱ spoon some chocolate pudding Ito a jar and sprinkle crushed oreo on top
✱ finish off with some icing (dyed green) for grass, and Robbins eggs (choc. candies)
✧ my tip to you: ↠ bored on spring break? try making these cute treats to get you in the mood for spring! they also work great for after school snacks

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