smoothie challenge

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ѕмooтнιe cнallenge ιdea!
do тнιѕ cнallenge wιтн yoυr ғrιend and poѕт ιт on yoυтυвe ιғ yoυ cнooѕe тo!(:
yoυ'll need:
• 1 вaѕe jυιce
• вlender (per perѕon)
• 7 good ιngredιenтѕ
• 7 вad ιngredιenтѕ
• pιeceѕ oғ paper
• вowl тo нold paper
• cυpѕ
⭐️ вeғore yoυ ѕтarт, wrιтe down all yoυr ιngredιenтѕ on ѕмall pιeceѕ oғ paper and pυт ιт all ιn a ѕмall вowl or вag.
yoυ woυld ғιrѕт poυr ιn yoυr вaѕe jυιce ιnтo тнe вlender. yoυr ғrιend and yoυ woυld тaĸe тυrnѕ pιcĸιng oυт oғ тнe вowl randoмly wιтнoυт looĸιng. wнaтever yoυ geт, yoυ can'т cнange, yoυ woυld need тo тaĸe тнaт ιngredιenт and pυт ιт ιnтo yoυr вlender. do тнιѕ υnтιl everyone нaѕ aт leaѕт 7 ιngredιenтѕ ιn тнeιr вlender (noт ιnclυdιng тнe вaѕe jυιce). aғтer тнaт, poυr yoυr drιnĸ ғroм yoυr вlender and drιnĸ all oғ ιт!(:
тag ѕoмeone wнo yoυ wanт тo do тнιѕ cнallenge wιтн!

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