how to be flexible in a week

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Day 1

Simply just stretch as much as you can until you can put your palms on the ground when trying to touch your toes standing up.

Then try to do the splits as low as you can.

Don't let someone push you down.

Also try sprinting with wide legs before doing the splits.

Day 2

For this part you'll need a person to help you.Get up & take your leg & try take it up to your head.Don't bend & have the person helping you push it a little bit more up till it hurts & hold it there for a minute .

Day 3

Try doing a scorpian which is where you take your leg & pull it from

Behind your head & try get your foot to touch the back of your head.See how long you can do it for.

Day 4

Lay down on your stomach & pull your legs so your like a ball and try dojng that for 10 or 15 mins and see how far you can stretch.

Day 5

This is just a rest day but try to do stretches and flexible stuff to help your body .

Day 6

Try doing a backbend on a surface that's soft.Try bending it till you can flip fast.Try doing 10 of these & hold each one up for 20 seconds.

Day 7

Try doing more stretching things like the ones above or go on YouTube and search them up and do each one for 10 seconds


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