tips on how 2 b tumblr famous

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тιpѕ on нow тo вe тυмвlr ғaмoυѕ!

-geт a good caмera and eqυιpмenт
-тaĸe cool pнoтograpнѕ (yoυr pнoтoѕ need тo вe cυтe and ғlawleѕѕ)
-υѕe naтυral lιgнт
-ғιne υnιqυe ѕeттιng or вacĸgroυnd тo тaĸe тнe pιc
-тry dιғғerenт poѕeѕ (don'т jυѕт ѕтand тнere)
-вrιng ιn oтнer cнaracтerѕ (ғrιendѕ and peтѕ)
-edιт yoυr pιcтυreѕ wιтн pнoтoѕнop

creaтe a тυмвlr
-gιve ιт a мeмoraвle and caтcнy naмe, or jυѕт υѕe yoυr naмe
-cнoѕe a тнeмe and cυѕтoмιze ιт
-add мυѕιc
-ғollow oтнer υѕerѕ and ιnтeracт wιтн тнeм
-proмoтe yoυr тυмвlr on oтнer ѕocιal мedιa neтworĸѕ (тwιттer, ғaceвooĸ, and ιnѕтagraм)

good lυcĸ!ι нope тнιѕ gave yoυ ѕoмe ιdeaѕ! leave reqυeѕтѕ on мy ғιrѕт pιc and нave a wonderғυl day мy lovelιeѕ! хoхo

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