nutella hot chocolate

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Nutella ( obvi)

One cup ( 240 ml ) milk

Any type of ingredients you want to put in the hot chocolate ☕ ex. Marshmallows etc.

Take out a saucepan , pour in 1/4 cup of milk into the saucepan.

Then add 2 spoonfuls of nutella & if like it sweet add more & if you don't like it as sweet use less.Put the stove on medium low heat.

Whisk the nutella & milk in the saucepan until its blended.Then slowly pour the rest of the milk ( 3/4 cup) into the saucepan.Stir until hot an frothy.

Turn off the stove.Carefully pour the mixture into a cup or mug . Your done ! You can add anything in the hot chocolate such as marshmallows , Cinnamon , whipped cream etc. Enjoy your sweet hazelnut treat.

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