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Michael & Emma

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Getting off the plane in Chicago, i got in a black van along with Calum, Luke and Ashton. After awhile i heard Ashton clear his throat, getting ready to say something. "So, uh, luke" he took a short pause before starting up again. "Last night, you and E-" he continued until Luke said, "Yeah! I-i know.  I feel pretty terrible for doing it." Solvents fell in the van.  "Niall's gonna find out sooner or later" ashton added. "Yeah I know. God! Calum, why would you fucking take a video and show the boys?!" Luke snapped at Cal. Calum looked down sheepishly.  "I'm sorry" he mumbled.  "Well sorry doesn't fix it" luke huffed crossing his arms and staring out the window to his left. I wanted to say something, but i didn't know what.

After a few minutes the Van came to a stop and the door opened. Getting out to a huge crowd of fans, screams and camera flashes. We stopped for a little bit to meet some of the fans the head inside if the hotel. Getting in the hotel we we're showed to our rooms. Me and luke shared and the other boys shared.

We then had to the rest of the day to do whatever.  "Hey, luke, you wanna go out?" I asked luke who was sitting in his bed while on his phone. "uh, where?" He asked looking up from his phone. "I don't know somewhere, it's pretty boring staying in here" i replied heading to the door. " Sure" he said following me out.


My mind had throughts running all around. Scared if Niall had found out and if not i have to tell him. I sat on the bed in the hotel room while Niall was out getting food, when my phone began to ring, I looked at it to see it was Zayn.

A: Ya?
Z: Where are you?
A: In my hotel room, why? Whats wrong?
Z: We need to talk, I'll come to your room
A: o-ok

He hung up.

' does he know? Of course not. Then what is he going to talk to me about? Oh no, he does know! Damnit calum'

I rung Calum up. I have so many emotions running through me at the moment.

C: Hey what's up, Em?
A: Don't play with me hood! Tell you didn't open your mouth about that moment with me and luke!

C: Haha no-

E: Don't you dare act dumb, you know what I mean. Tell me.

C: U-uhh, i-im sorry. I videotaped it-
E: You bastard.

C: look I'm sorry

E: Who did you show it to?

C: wha-

E: Who did you show the video to?

C: Michael, Ashton, Harry, and Zayn.

E: ...

C: Em-

I hung up, tears rolling down my cheeks. Then i heard a knock at the door. Wipping the tears away and walking to the door. I opened it to see Zayn. He didn't look to pleased. "Tell me the video was fake" he said. " I wish i could" my voice cracked mid-way. "Did you tell him?" he asked. "I have to"

"Now" Zayn said putting his hand on my shoulder. "W-what? No-" "Then when are you going to tell him you had sex with one of his mates, Emma?" he harshly criticized. " i dont know, but not now. When he comes back." i said looking down at me plain black socks.

"Sooner the better" i let out a sigh. "Plus it's better for him to find out from you than a video from Calum" he added. "Yeah, you're right" i said looking up at him. He then pulled me into a hug. "It's okay"

"i hope so"

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