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I woke up to see Jemma next to me, but Louis wasn't. Sitting up I looked around the room to see if he was somewhere. Nope. I looked to Harry's bed, he's not there either. "Jemma" I spoke as I shook her shoulder. "Hmmm?" She groaned as she opened one eye at me.

"Where's Harry and Lou?" I asked pouting my lower lip. "They went to do something real quick, they will be right back, okay?" 
"Okay" I nodded as I played back down again.

" can we get, ice cream?" I asked as I sat in the back seat of a car with Emma, Perrie, Jem, and Zayn. "Not right now Kat, maybe when we get to the air port, okay" Perrie said looking at me then back up front. "Okay" I said looking out the window, the different color cars drive pass and up at the blue shy with white fluffy clouds.

After about a few minutes we finally arrived at the air port. "Ice cream" I sang as I skipped into the building. When we walked in and saw the other boys. "Hello!" I greeted as I walked to them smiling. I could see that Niall was staring at Luke with a mean look. "Hi Nially" I said walking up to him. "Oh, hey sweetie" he responded picking me up and into his hip. "Can you take me to get ice cream?" I asked as played with his blonde hair.

"Yeah, of course" he answered as he began to walk with me still on his side. "Yay" I cheered as we walked. "Hey Kat" I heard someone say, turning my head I saw Michael. "MIKEY" I said as I reached for him. Niall let me go once I wrapped my arms around Mikey's neck. "Haha hey" he said hugging me. "Where you and Niall, here, going?" "He's gonna get me some ice cream,you want to come?" I asked looking at him with curious eyes.

"Sure why not" Mikey agreed with a smile.

Once we got my ice cream I walked back while Niall and Michael walked behind me. They were talking about something I didn't hear what though.

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