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Lou, kat and i went back to the hotel. On the way back we had stopped at the store to get some snacks along with a few movies.As we drove closer to the hotel was all sand along to songs that had came on the radio.

"Could you get the bag of snacks and the movies? While i get kat?" Lou said as he parked the car and looked over to me. "Yea course" i smiled and got out of the car. I grabbed the small plastic bag from the back seat as lou got kat, who was asleep. Lou carried kat and i held the bag up to Louis' room.

When we got to his room, Kat had woken up. When Louis say her on the bed she asked if she could get some popcorn. I smiled and set the bag down and took out a bag of popcorn and popped it into the microwave. As the popcorn popped Louis put in a movie.

Suddenly i heard my phone ring. I took it out from my back pocket to see who it was. Liam.

"Hey liam, whats up?"

"Harry i need you, Louis and kat to come to the hospital.Now."

"What happened?"

"Zayn, Perrie, Niall, Emma and i went out to eat and this guy got into a fight with the bartender and Emma got up to stop it and then the guy who started the fight punched Emma."

"Oh no.W-we'll be there"

"Ok bye."

He hung up and i looked over to lou who was sitting next to kat making funny faces at her making her laugh. "Louis we have to go to the hospital now. Emma is hurt badly. Liam just called me" i said putting my phone in my back pocket as i looked at him. "Oh, Kat come on love we have to go sonewhere. Put your shoes on" he said as he put on kats shoes.

Once he put her and his shoes on we left the hotel. "So, what exactly happened?" Louis asked as he drove out of the hotel parking lot. "The rest of the lads and Emma and perrie went out to eat and some guy started fight with the bartender then Emma got up to try to stop it but the guy who started to fight punch Emma in the face and knocked her out pretty bad to where she had to go to the hospital." I said looking over to him. "Oh poor Emma.I bet Niall must be worried." He said still driving.

My phone buzzed. I saw I got a text from Liam.

L: i forgot to tell you which hospital it's the St. Davis hospital

H: Ok we just left

L: ok and hurry Niall won't stop crying and he's asking for you guys well

H: Ok tell him We're on our way and to hold on

L: Alright

I put my phone on my lap and told louis "they're at St.Davis hospital"

He nodded and kept driving. "Where we going?" I heard kat say from the back. "What?, oh um we're going to go see Perrie, Zayn, Liam and Niall" i said looking back at her smiling. "Yay!" She said smiling and claping her hands. I laughed at her actions then looked over at louis who was smiling as well.

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