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We left the court house with success, especially Louis. That means the old lady won't be around to bother us, and the best and most important part was that Louis got to get the custody of Kat! I was really happy for him and so were the rest of us.

So we were all in the car on our way to the foster house to get Kat. "How about we celebrate Louis success?" i said looking back at lou who was talking to harry and smiling. Lou looked over to me still smiling and said, "yeah! sounds great!"

"wait! how about we just go back to the hotel and order pizza, because after the times we go out something bad is bound to happen" added Zayn. "oh yeah' i said remembering the pass.

"okay all in favor to  go back to the hotel and order pizza, say i" Harry spoke. "I" we all said insync then followed by laughs." Hey, lets put on some tunes!" i heard Michael yell from the back. I nodded and turned on the radio and 'Ain't It Fun' by Paramore. We all sang along like goof balls until we arrived at the Foster House.

"Okay here we are" i stated as i turned down the music. "Alright, liam and Jemma would you come along?" Lou asked opening his door and looking at me then to Jem. We both nodded and climbed out of the car and walked into the foster house. "Hello, my name is Ms.Ramsbottom and Welcome to the Foster Home, where children will look forward to a new home" we were greeted by a older lady.

"Hi, um, we're here to pick up A girl, Heather Henderson?" Lou spoke up looking to his right, into a room filled with little kids playing around. "Oh ok, follow me" the lady responded and started to walk towards the back door. When she opened the back door, she then pointed down the porch at a little girl with brown hair,wearing a white dress with black flats. "Kat?" Lou said as he walked to her. She turned around with a smile, which soon started to fade away. "L-lou?" She choked out stepping back a bit with a disappointed look across her face. "What's the matter? We get to go home now" he asked worried as he kneeled down infront of her.

"Y-you left me...."

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