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A/N: okay this is slightly edited bc I'm not good at writing smut and I would delete or re-do it but I mean that would be a mess and most likely ruin the rest of the story so sorry in advance for cringe smut

We walked passed the hotel room where Niall had slept, and to mine and Cal's room. Once we walked in Emma asked, "do you have anything i can change in?" She asked as she removed her shoes.

"Yeah" i replied looking through the bag for a shirt, and i then found my black and red button down flannel shirt. "Here you go" i said handing her the flannel.

"Thank you" she replied taking the flannel then walked to the bathroom. I sat on the bed taking off my shoes, waiting for Em the come out of the bathroom.

After i few minutes she came out, wearing my flannel. My jaw practicaly fell to the floor, the bottom of the shirt stopped almost mid-thigh.

"Um, luke?" She spoke waving her hand infornt of me, making me snatch my eyes away and to her. "S-sorry" i said as i felt my cheeks gradually get hot.

She smirked as her hands layed on my cheeks and leand in close to my face, Making me even more flustered and blush wildly. "It's okay" she spoke softly and planted a soft kiss upon my lips.

My hands found their way to her waist, soon setting her on my lap. Her legs on each side of me. I could feel her hips grind down, making me softly groan into the kiss.

Her hands traveled down my chest and to the hem of my shirt, followed by a tug. Sending me a message to remove it, so i did.

Once the shirt was removed i tossed it onto the floor. Then i felt lips kiss along my collar bones making me throw my head back a bit.

The kisses soon trailed up to my neck, and hitting my sweet spot making another moan slip out. She then slowly pushed me down onto the bed, still continuing the kiss.

"Fuck" i groaned out as i held in to her hips. Suddenly she sat up, sitting on top of me, and unbuttoned the flannel. Once it was off it left Emma in her lace bra and unders, making a tent form in my jeans. She tugged on the hem of my pants, wanting it off.

So with that i removed my pants, and tossed them onto the floor along with my shirt. A smirk grew over her lips as she spotted what lied under thin clothing.

I blushed wildly as her hand grabbed onto it. Then started in motion and a feeling growing larger. She started at a slow pace then picked it up.

She removed her hand and took of the small clothing covering her as she came up for a kiss.

"Damn" i heard her curse as she sat, i held her hips then began. She began to grind down as well, both groaning.

Picking up the pace i turned us over, making me top. The room was filled with skin with skin and moans.

Once we rode out our hights, i collapsed beside her, and brought her into my arms. "well, that was something" i heard a male voice. We both froze looking at each other frighten no knowing who it could be. I looked up to see Calum standing at the door.

"The fuck man!" I yelled making him chuckle. "Don't worry i won't tell" he said walking over to his bed.  "Better not" Em spoke up looking over at Calum.

"Honestly i think i could have done better" he said as he got under the blanket on his bed. "In your dreams hood" She laughed and nuzzled into me. I smiled and closed my eyes soon the sleep consuming me.

A/N: I tried to not make it as gross with all those words like 'member' or 'throbbing'
I hate the word 'throbbing' I cringe every time

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