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I pulled up a chair beside the hospital bed which Emma layed on asleep. Grabbing her hand i saw Kat climb up on the bed with a bit of struggle. "Kat? What are you doin' sunshine?" I asked as i saw her crawl towards Enma and layed by her. "I wanna sleep with Emma" she said quietly "shh we're sleeping." she said with her pointer finger over her tiny pink lips ,and then layed her head on Emma's shoulder then closed her eyes. I chuckled at her demand along with her movement. She then smiled in her sleep and opened her eyes. "Ha i tricked her" she said followed with a giggles. "Awe you got me" i said playing along with her. Kat's smile faded away when she looked at Em."w-why is Emma at the doctor?" Kat said looking worried at me then faced back towards her.

"She got a hurt so she had to come here to the doctor, so she can get better" i said looking over to kat the then to Emma. Kat's bottom lip quivered as she looked at her still. "Oh sunshine don't cry" i said standing up and picked up kat and held her close to my chest. I heard softly heard little sobs. "Awe it's okay sweetie she will be fine" i said pulling her back to where i could see her face. "O-okay" she said sniffing and rubbing her eyes, and wrapped her tiny arms around my neck and layed her head on my shoulder. I sat back down in the chair and before i knew it Kat and i fell asleep on the chair.

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