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I sat in the drivers seat with Zayn in the passager,while Lam,Niall,and Harry sat in the back. "Alright Niall,where are they?" I asked as I turned over to him who was looking down at his phone. "Emma said that they're the ice cream shop down the road." he replied looking at his phone then back up at me. I nodded and turned back around so I was facing the wheel.

After a while we had finally got there and we made our way into the shop."Hey guys!" I heard a familiar voice say. I turned my head to see Emma and Perrie sitting at a booth, but Kat wasn't with them.

The boys had sat down with them but I just stood infront of the table."Where's Kat?" I asked as I looked at Emma then at Perrie. "Oh she's outside playing at the par-" Perrie turned and pointed at the park that was through the glass window but stopped. "Don't tell me you lost her," I said trying not to worry. "u-um..." she looked at me. At that moment my heart sunk.

"oh god no" I said running outside and looking around."KAT!" I yelled as I walked over to the park she was supposed to be at.

She couldn't have gone too far, I mean why would she? I know I've only had her for about 2 days but I feel close to her. "KAT! WHERE ARE YO-" I yelled before I feel someone hand on my shoulder. I ignored it and continued to look around for kat. "Louis, we'll help you look for her" I heard Zayn say turning me around.

"Louis,I'm sorry"

A/N: I have edited this and I'm trying my best to not change a lot.

I'm editing because this was written by emo 7th grade me and I just want to fix it but a bit

+++ spelling errors

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