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After me and the boys played first, before the 1D boys went out to do their show. We were backstage as the boys were on their way up to the stage, when i saw Kat on the sofa jumping and laughing. "Hey! You guys did great!" I saw Emma say as she sat on the sofa where Kat was jumping.

"Thanks" I replied as i walked over to the table to get a water bottle. "You're welcome" she said as she caught kat who was about to fall on her. "Haha you catch me" kat said lauging. Emma laughed as she tickled kat which made her laugh along. "Haha you what?!" i heard Michael yelled when Luke had said something to him.

We all looked over to Michael, who had a smirk across his face and Luke whos cheeks were stained with a dark red. "What?" Cal said breaking the tension in the room. "Nothing," luke said over Michael who had opened his mouth to speak."okay?" I said confused. I looked at Emma who was walking out with Kat. "I have to go potty" kat whined as they left the room.

"Tell them" Michael demanded while crossing his arms. "Uhm, i uh kinda have a crush on, um," he froze as the doors opened up, we all turned seeing perrie. "Hey guys, have you seen Emma and Kat?" She asked. "They went to the bathroom" i answered and she nodded then left the room. "Perrie?" Cal asked raising an eyebrow. "God damn it, No, Em for god sake" Michael said looking at luke whos whole face was red. My mouth practicaly fell open. "What?" I said a few moments. I turned to Calum who was walking out of the room.

"You like E-" i began before the door opened up to the girls coming back in. I turned back to luke who had walked to a chair and sat down. "Where is it?" Perrie asked. "I don't know, i left on the table before i left the room." Emma replied as Kat ran to the sofa and started to jump. "Left what?" Michael asked walking up to them and i followed. "I left my ring" Emma replied looking on, under the table and under things on the table.

"Well we haven't se-" i started to say before i heard luke "is this it?" He stood up and walked over us. "Let me see" Emma replied walking towards him. Luke opened his hand retrieving a silver ring. "Oh my god yes! Thank you so much" she answered grabbing the ring and giving luke a hug.

Then the door opened again.It was the other boys followed by Calum. "Hey guys!" Perrie greeted. "LOU!" Kat yelled while running up to him and hugging around his legs. "Hey, Katybear" he responded.

After about a hour later we got on a bus and drove to the hotel, but before we got to the hotel we all decided to go out to eat. Once we were seated at our table we looked at the menus.

After ordering, Jemma had went to the lady's room and the rest of us were talking about what happened on stage. Suddenly a woman with brown curly hair wearing a tight skinny black dress came up to us frowning her eyebrows. "You!" She yelled pointing to lou who looked confused. "Me?" He responded to the angry lady. "You were the one who stole me daughter!" She yelled even louder causeing everyone around us to stare. "What?, this is your daughter?" Lou asked a bit shocked as her comment. "Yes, i left her for a second and boom she was gone" she added. "No you didn't, me and my friend found her at the front of a mall in the freezing cold!" Lou snapped. "Aunt Dawn?" I heard someone say. When i turned i saw Jemma.

"Selene?!" Diana answered

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