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I stood out in the hall with everyone else. We were all woken but by the shouts from Niall and Emma's room. Worried we waited for a someone to come out of the room or some kind of sign. A moment later Em opened and slammed the door. She caught eye contact with all of us and tilt her head down.


i spoke out of the silence. She looked in my direction.

Her physical expression had sorw all over. I slowly moved forward until she shook her head. Then looked at everyone else. "I-im sorry." she broke letting out a shaky breath. "You can't leave" Perrie spoke softly. Emma sighed. "I have too, i love you all, but i just have to go."

There was a silence before perrie ran up and brought Emma into a hug. Just then everyone, including me, joined in. Soon becoming a group hug.  When we all parted from the hug, we each said put goodbyes.

Emma stood in the elevator, giving us all a sad smile. Rasing my hand slightly as in a goodbye wave, she did the same. Then the doors began to close.

Just like that, she was gone.

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