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I drove to the Baby's R Us so that we could buy Katy a carseat, because a little girl her age is unsafe to sit without one. As we walked I could see a few girls smiling and point at us. Then suddenly a few press had came and started asking questions to Perrie and i."Perrie, is that your daughter!" I heard one of them say.

Perrie politely responded to the press who had followed behind. "No" she simply said sliding a laugh. We walked into the the store that wasn't as crowded.

We walked along the aisles in search of a car seat. Not long I heard Kat point out one. It was a purple car seat with light pink flowers. "That one" she said pointing at the seat. "Alrighty" I said picking out the box that was right below the display.

After we checked out an left the store Perrie had fixed up the care seat in the car. "You want some ice cream?" I hear her ask Kat. She nodded. Perrie and I laughed as kat smiled and clapped her hands.

I drove up to the semi-empty parking lot. As I was about to get out I felt my phone buzz. I had gotten a text from Niall.

Niall: hey the boys and I just got done with our interview and we wanna join you guys so where are you?

"c'mon Emma!" I heard perrie say to me as she took held kat on her hip. "Oh, yeah coming" I said getting out of the car. Perrie had set her down as we entered the ice cream shop. Kat ran up to the large glass which had variety of ice creams. All different flavor and colors. I remembered that niall was waiting for me to reply. I took out my phone.

Me: Okay cool, we just got to the Ice Cream shop down the rode.

Once the text I saw kat walk up to me with a ice cream cone with what looked like a rainbow. I smiled as she showed me her ice cream as if it was something she was so proud to have.

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