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-the story is edited-

Niall and I were in the mall walking around."Do you think we should get some stuff for the other boys?" Niall asked walking into a store."Yeah we should" I said following him into a shop. As we entered the shop a few girls had recognized us, we turned around and saw a couple of girls coming up to us. After they had gotten their pictures and hugs we carried on with our shopping.

Once we were done and made our way to the car, I spotted a little girl with brown hair with poor clothing on which wasn't appropriate for this kind of weather, it was freezing out. "Niall take the bags to the car please," I said him handing him the bags. I walked up to the little girl who had her legs up to her chest, shaking. "Hi there" I said squatting in front of her. She moved away from me in fear. "Oh no, its ok i'm not gonna hurt you." I said smiling at her.

Her big brown eyes staring at me uncertain. "What's  your name, sweetheart?" I asked looking at her."I-i Donno?" she said quietly with a shivered tone."You must be cold you poor thing," I said worried. She nodded looking down at her feet that had socks."Come here" I said opening my arms. She slowly stood up and walked into my arms and hugged me tight.I held her and stood up as i wrapped my arms around her and started to walk to the car where Niall was waiting for me.

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