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I was in court with Dawn, the devil birth mother of Kat. I looked to my left seeing Dawn and her lawyer and i turned to the right seeing my lawyer was looking through his suitcase." So Mr.Tomlinson, you're saying that you found Heather in front of a mall and claimed that Mrs.Henderson was no where to be seen around the child?" the judge explains what i had said earlier. "yes your honor" i agreed. " Lies!" Dawn yelled pointing to me. " Mrs.Henderson take a seat" the judge shouted. After the judge went over what Dawn and i explained he turned to the jury and let them go off into a from to decide. As they were deciding we got to have a small break before the claim of kat.

I walked out into the hall way where the lads and the girls where waiting. Once i came through the door everyone stood up and walked over to me worried. "so?" Liam spoke up looking at me. "The jury has to decide who gets to claim Kat, and i'm hoping i get to keep her" i answered as i looked at everyone who had worried and pain on their faces, but i bet you i felt the most pain out of the group. I need her. I need her smiles, her hugs, her giggles, her silliness. I need her to be with me for the rest of my life. This is weird to say but she's my happiness.

For what seemed like ages we were called back into the court room. Walking back to my side of the room i heard who sounded like Dawn whisper. "They better fucking pick me, if they pick that little brat, him and Heather won't see live to see tomorrow" i couldn't help but to listen. I knew she was trouble. Suddenly the jury got out attention then saying "okay, the jurry has made their decision, David please state the decision"

The room fell silent went silent, all that was able to hear were the breathing of the people in the room waiting for the truth. "The decision we made was that Dawn Henderson will hold custody of Heather Henderson" I swear the whole room heard my heart break into million peices, i could see everyone's eyes on me and with upsetting looks in their eyes.

"NO! You're making a big mistake!" i saw Jemma run up to the stands of the jurry. "What?" The judge said. "Because i recorded this of Dawn" she spoke holding out her phone and pressing on things. "Shut up and put that away, didn't you hear? They made their decision !!" Dawn yelled over at her. "No let her" the jury added.

Suddenly sound started to come out of Jemma's phone.

"They better fucking pick me, if they pick that little brat,him and Heather won't live to see tomorrow" That's what i exactly heard her say when i came in. The whole room was filled with whispers.

All of the whispers started to distract me, making me think. Will they give me custody? "Mr.Tomlinson?" I heard the judge call bringing me out of my thoughts. "Yes?" I spoke looking up at him.

"Are you willing to take custody of Heather Henderson?" He asked. The whole room had their eyes on me. "Yes, yes i would" i answered as a smile melted across my face.

"Okay, So as for you Mrs.Henderson, you will be sentenced to two years in prison for abandoning a child" the judge spoke and a police men walking up to Dawn and putting hand cuffs on her.

When I walked out of the room they all ran into me,almost knocking me over, bringing me into a big group hug.

I can't believe it

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