Drunk 2

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We walked into the club with the music pounding in my ears, filled with people dancing and talking. We walked to the bar and ordered some drinks. After a couple beers i found myself dancing with a girl with waving dark drown hair wearing a loose tan shiny shirt, skinny jeans with tan hight heels.

As we danced i turned my head to see if i could find the others, and i saw who looked like Harry drinking with louis. I looked around a bit more but no sign of the others.

"Liam!" I heard some yell my name over the music from behind me, so i turned my head and saw Perrie and Em. "Yeah?" "Have you seen Zayn and Niall?" Perrie spoke up. "Um...naw i haven't, why? You can't find them?" Emma nodded before walking off with a worried look on her face. "Yeah, well thanks anyways" Perrie said waving before following Emma.

I continued to dance with the girl before i asked her if she would like to get out of here, and of course she said yes.


I was sitting at the bar with Harry and Calum drinking and talking. "So you what now?" I slurred putting a hand on calums shoulder. "Yeah, i showed the world my balls over snapchat" he restated followed by a laugh then a sip of his beer.

"Damn, and then what happened?"Harry spoke up "I just tweeted saying "im just a kid learning from my mistakes" and "at least you know what it looks like" so yeah" he replied drinking the rest of his beer.

"Hey guys!" I saw Emma greet walking up to us. "Hi" "hi Em" hey" we all greeted.She smiled. "You wanna drink?" Harry offered. "Oh, yeah, thanks harry" she replied grabbing a chair beside harry. "Have you guys seen Niall?" She spoke up looking over to Cal and i. "Nope" calum said shaking his head.

I took a deep breath, i saw Niall walk out with another girl that wasn't Emma. She was all over him and he was as well. "Louis? Have you seen him?" She asked again."y-yeah, he walked out with, um someone else" i said looking at her with sorrowful eyes.

"He did w-what?" She choked out, i could tell she was holding her tears back. "I'm sorry Emma" i said looking at her as she drank her alcohol. "You know what thats okay, he can have his fun, i will just have to make my own" she replied looking down at her bottle.

"What kind of fun, if you don't mind me asking?" Calum spoke up "You know, fun" she said drinking down the rest and hopped of the chair and walked off. "Fuck" i heard calum say under his breath. I rolled my eyes and nudged him with my elbow.

"What?" He said laughing.


I stood on the side of the dance floor while drink out of my glass. Seeing people dance against each other made me feel more awkward than i already was. "Luke!" I heard a female voice call over the loud music. Looking around for the girl who called me, i then saw Emma walking towards me, smiling, in her skin tight black dress, black heels and her dark hair in curls bounced.

I could feel my hands get sweaty, my knees become a wobbly mess but I tried to keep my cool as she walked up to me.

"Hey" i greeted her when she was infront of me. "Hey, so what are you standing here alone?" She asked poking my chest when she said 'you' "um, i don't know" i answered, shrugging while looking down at her. "Oh, well with that being said, why don't we get out of here" she said with a smirk. I blushed furiously.

Was she serious?

"C'mon!" She said letting out a giggle before grabbing my hand and started making her way through the crowd of people. I watched as she swiftly moved through the crowd and towards the bar. "Do you want another drink?" She asked turning around towards me. "Um, sure" i replied nodding as she turned back around ordering two drinks.

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