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As i finished lacing up my shoes, the door bell rang. Quickly i slid my feet against the wooden floor and towards the door. I opened the door to meet a frizzy haired friend, Jasmine! She was first friend i had at the orphanage. "Ready?" she smiled. "Yeah" i said grabbing my keys and a bouquet of roses. "Alrighty lets go"

We got into her car and drove to our destination. "Here's a song from the band that left marks on thounds of girls. Here's Hey Angel by One Direction" the radio announcer spoke. "Do you want me to change it?" i heard Jasmine speak up. "N-no, let it play" i said smiling. She nodded.

"hi there" a brunette boy with a soft smile said squatting in front of me. I moved back in fear of not knowing the strange man. "Oh no it's okay I'm not going to hurt you" he reassured me. Then me relaxing knowing he was speaking the truth.

"Where here" Jasmine said pulling me out of my mind. I nodded. Getting out of her car i grabbed the flowers. As i walked along the dirt trail, i passed the rows and rows of headstones. Walking up to a familiar headstone i smile and hold up the flowers. The stone read;

Louis William Tomlinson
Here here lies the most greatest guy who lived.

I sat in front of the headstone, smiling. "Hey Dad, Where ever you are i hope you're well. Oh, I brought you some flowers" i said lying the roses in front of the stone. "So today's my birthday, i turn 22, but I'm guessing you know that or at least i hope you do," i let out a small laugh as i continued " and my last year of uni is just around the corner. Soon me and John, you know my soon-to-be husband, are hoping for a family" i smile as my eyes begin to tear up.

"I miss you lou, i wish you were here." i say as i wipe my eyes. "Well i should be going now, Me and my friend are going to go wedding dress hunting" i continued as i stood up. "Bye Dad, i love you and I'll come back soon" i said then turning back to the car.


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