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I layed in the bed talking to Niall ad the doctor came in. We then stopped talking and looked over to the doctor. "We checked if you were good to go and you are able to go. You had quite a fall Emma." The doctor said looking down the his clipboard, flipping over some pages then looking over to me.

"Before you leave, do you feel any pain anywhere? " he added. "Yeah, right here" i said pointing around my head. "Okay, thats quite normal. Your head will hurt for a couple days, You need to lay down and have an ice pack on your head. Also take this, it will help with the headaches." He said handing me a prescription.

"Thank you" I said nodding. "You're  welcome and drive safe" he added as he walked out, shutting the door behind him.

"Could you please hand me my clothes? They're on the counter in the bathroom." I asked Niall pointing to the bathroom. He nodded and weng to go get them. He then came back with my clothes. "Do you need your shoes?" He asked setting my clothes on my legs. I shook me head. Soon a nurses came in. "Um, excuse me, but i need to take out the needles." She said pointing to my arm.

Niall had carried me to the waiting room bridal style. I laughed as i reminded him i was able to walk, but he refused to put me down until we got to the waiting room. When he set me down on a chair in the waiting room he rook out his phone and rang someone up.

"Hello?...hey liam, could you pick us up?....okay we will be waiting for you outside....alright, bye" he hung up his phone. "Liam is on his way to pick us up" he said taking a seat next to me. I nodded as i looked down at the bandaid on my arm, where the needle once was. I smiled.

"What's so funny princess?" Niall asked looking at me. I shook my head. "It's just that i find it a bit weird that i came to the hospital, just because i hit my head. I understand that Perrie was worried about me and all but i mean i could have gone to the hotel and layed in bed" i answered looking at my arm then to Niall who had this confused look across his face. He then started to slowly nod his head.

"Yea, but you did knock out cold.That guy hit you pretty damn hard to knock you out" he said looking down at his thumbs which were fiddling with eachother. I nodded as i watched a boy come into the waiting room with a toy car close to his chest. "Bye bye!" He said happily waving as he walked out with his mother in front of the boy.

Niall looked at the time on his phone and said "we better go outside, Liam's probly around the corner." I nodded as i stood up. "I got you, princess" he said as he picked me up bride style which casued everyone in the waiting room to stair, I let out a small laugh at his actions. "You know my legs aren't broken and I'm still able to walk still, right?" I smiled ad i wrapped my arms around his neck. "Of course i know love. I just wanna do this for you".i smiled at his response. As we walked out a family walked in so Niall stepped aside to they could pass. A little girl walked back towards us holding a little worn out faded pink bunny to her side.

"Why are you holding her like that?" The little girl asked Niall. "Because she's my princess" he answered her question.  "Oh, can I be a princess too?" She asked with hope in her eyes. "Yes, you're a very very beautiful princess" i said with a smile. "Yay! So is he your prince?" She asked again. "Yep, my prince charming" i said smiling at Niall then to the girl. "I hope i find my prince!" She said spinning around in a circle while holding both of the bunnies paws. "You will, i promise" i replied to her hope. "Reall-" she said before her, im assuming, her mother called.


We all turned our heads face a woman with natural red hair wearing a skinny white dress with white high heels, who was making her way over to us. "Anistasia...I'm so sorry" the mother said grabbing her daughters hand and looked up to us. "Oh, no don't worry it's fine. She was a sweet heart" Niall replied. The woman smiled and the girl said bye and walked off with her mum.

"Wasn't she just a ball of sunshine" Niall said as we walked out to the warmth of the sun. "Yeah, maybe we cou-" i began before someone honked their horn. Louis. Niall seated me in the back seat and her rode in the front with lou. "Where's Liam?" Niall asked. "Oh he had to go to the studio and he told me to pick you guys up." Lou answered. Then drove to the hotel.

When we got to the hotel Niall carried me up to the room. "Are you gonna keep carryingy me this way until when?" I asked raising an eyebrow at him. He chuckled.  "Until you feel better princess" he answered with a smile across his face. I nodded and smiled.

Once we got to the door he had set me down and reached into his back pocket for the room keys. "What about holding my until im better?" I teased and he laughed as he got out the keys and unlocking the door them opening it. He then picked me back up and layed me on the bed. "There, Okay im gonna go get something to eat for us.?" He said raising an eyebrow. "Food." I smiled

"Maybe food could be our always" he said smiling. "Go horan!" I said laughing at his comment. He grabbed his phone and the keys and left the room laughing. I shook my head as i looked around to see what i could do as i wait. I saw Niall's guitar case laying against the wooden dresser, and i decided to play something on it.I got up from the bed and made my way to the guitar case. Opening it, i looked inside seeing a clean and beautiful guitar.I took out the guitar and sat on the bed and strumed a few cords.

I walked to the balcony of the room and sat on the edge of the balcony. I started playing a tone.

I stopped singing as i heard about four different knocks. I got up off the of balcony edge and setting down the  guitar before walked to the door. "Yea?" I said as i opened the door. I saw four guys standing out the door. One had dyed hair, curly brown hair, black hair and blonde. "Um, is Niall here?" The curly head asked. "No he's out, why?" I asked leaning on the doorway. "Oh,um could we come in? We are friends of his" the red head said smiling.

I nodded and stepped aside letting them in and closing the door behind them. I held my head as i grabbed the guitar and put if back into the case. "You play?" I heard one of them say. "Yea, only a little bit" i answered as i walked back to the bed and got under the warm blankets. "Cool" i saw the black haired boy say.

"I'm Calum, thats Michael, Ashton and that boy is Luke" Calum said pointing to each of the boys. "Oh, I'm Emma" i said smiling. I looked at them as Ashton was standing outside on his phone, Calum and Michael were talking and i saw Luke sitting on the rolling chair. I felt phone buzz. I unlocked my phone and saw that i got a text from lou.

L: mkskwkdnzzklcxakalsn

A: louis?

-----5 minutes-----

L: sorry kat had my phone and i guess she texted you lol

A: lol ok it's fine

I had felt someone looking at me and when i looked to see who it was i Luke. When our eyes met he quickly looked back down with his cheeks stained with a light red. I heard my phone ring which made the three boys turn to me.I looked down to see a picture of Niall. I got up and answered it as i walked to the bathroom.

A: hey

N: Princess i'm on my way

A: ok, um you're friends Michael, Calum, Ashton and Luke came knocking on the door asking for you

N: oh, did you let them in?

A: yea, they're here

N: ok, uh, tell them I'm on my way

A: ok, bye

N: bye love

He hung up and i walked out of the bathroom and back into the room with the four boys who were now making werid noises. I chuckled."Uh, Niall just called me and told me that he's on his way so..." i said cutting them off from their noises. "Okay" Ashton said who had a smile showing off his dimples. I climbed back in bed and looked through my twitter feed as i waited for Niall to arrive.

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