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"Niall and I went to the shop and when we we walked out I saw Kat sitting in the cold." I said looking at Jade. "When I we looked at each other, the fear and the sadness in her eyes made me think of one of my own sister...it broke my heart knowing that could be one of my sisters or maybe even my own daughter." I added looking down.

"So you found a little girl who's was all by herself and took her in and started treating her as if she was your own daughter?" Jade sumed up everything I had explained to her. I nodded agree with her summary. Suddenly I had heard a door open. Looking at everyone makeing sure I wasn't hearing things, they looked back at me then each other. We heard little foot steps coming down the wooden stairs.

Putting all of my attention to the staircase, I waited hoping to see a little brown headed girl.bSoon enough I saw her. A smile had made its way on her face as she saw me. "Lou!" she giggled and ran over to me, wrapping her tiny arms around me. Smiling I hugged her back. "hi,love!" I said.

"I miss you" she said holding on to dear life. As if I was going to leave her when she had let go."I missed you too," I said picking her up and setting her on my lap."kat dont you ever run off like that ok?" I looked at the little girl on my lap giving me the puppy eyes."okay i'm sorry" she said wraping her tiny arms around my neck. I stood up and wraped my arms around her tiny waste then under her bum to where i was carrying her."Thank you Jade for finding her" I said looking over to jade who was standing as well."oh no problem" she smiled. Kat let go of my neck and looked at me."Where are we going?" she asked raising her thin eyebrows. "back to the hotel sweet heart" I replied to her question. She nodded.

"Alright we got kat and now we should be going!" Harry said standing up from the sofa."Yeah! Bye Jade and thank you for finding kat" liam said smiling and leaving with the rest of the boys including me.

I'm so glad I have my little princess back. I don't know what I would do if I actually lost her i would be heart broken, cause its like me loosing one of my own sisters or my own daughter.

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