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"Do you know her name? Or where she's from?" Liam said looking at her. "she doesn't know her name and I found her shivering out of the shop" Louis said sitting on the sofa."why don't we all think of a name for her?" Harry suggested."yeah sounds good" Zayn says coming out of the bathroom."ok what name?"Niall said sitting in the computer chair and spinning around in it.

"how about...Katy?" louis said looking me and the rest of the lads."yeah thats a cute name for a cute little girl like her."Liam said smiling.
She started to run her eye and yawn."well im gonna go take her to my room so she can sleep." Louis said picking her up and leaving the room. "What if Paul finds out, do you think he'll let us keep her?"Liam questioned while looking at us.

"I don't know" zayn said looking down a little disappointed."I hope we can" Harry said looking at Liam."yeah me too"Niall said standing up from the computer chair."well im gonna go to my room" zayn said walking to the door."yeah same here"Liam said walking out with Zayn.

"Same I have to go pick up Emma from the airport "Niall said leaving my room.When all the lads left I was alone.So I decided to go to take a nap.

- Next morning -

I woke up to a small knock on my door.So I got up to see who it was."Hello?"I said opening the door to see Louis holding Katy's little hand."hii" Katy said with a big smile upon her face."well hello there"I said smiling at her.She lifted her tiny arms up wanting me to pick her up so I did.

Louis came in and closed the door from behind him and he sat on the chair which was next to the bed. Suddenly the door opened with Niall, Emma, Liam, Zayn and Perrie."hey"Emma said sitting on the computer chair."yay Katy's awake" Liam said sitting on the bed."who's Katy?"Perrie and Emma said at the same time."this little cutie"Louis said poking Katy's rosy cheek."Aww she's so adorable"perrie said walking over and pick her up.

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