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I just couldn't believe how cute Katy was I just wanted to squeeze her. "Do you mind if we take her out? " Emma asked looking at the louis hoping he wouldn't mind us taking her into public. "Yeah, we have to go to a interview in a bit," Niall said looking at Emma and me.

"Cool" I said smiling at the Katy."Ok we're gonna go" Emma said walking to the door. "bye bye" Katy said waving at the boys as we left the room."Bye love bug" louis said. When we walked out the door she grabbed my hand and I looked down at her and smiled."Lets go...Emma where did you park the car?" I asked her."In the back" she said looking at me and started walking.

When we got to the car, I opened the car door and she said climbing into the car and sitting down I leaned in buckled her in."we need to get her a carseat" Emma said as she started the car."Yeah, we can go get her one?" I said when I was door buckling Katy in and sitting in the passenger seat and started driving. As Emma drove I saw a few girls waiting out of the front for the boys.

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