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Sitting on the plane I looked out the window. Seeing the white clouds travel across the window. I soon felt a nudge in my arm, and i looked over to my side. It was Harry who had a phone in his hand. "Look at this" he said handing me the pbone with a pair of headphones. Taking the phone I put the headphone in ear by ear.

I pressed play on the video and as I played it showed Em and Luke going at it. My eyes widened then I quickly removed the headbuds then looked over at Harry, who had a worried look on his face. "What the hell is this?" I whispered as tossing the phone at him, causing him to fumble it as he tried to catch it. "It's Emma and Luke "

"who took the video? Does Niall know?" I asked looking behind me seeing Emma laying her head on Niall shoulder as they both slept. "Calum and no he doesn't" he said looking at them along with me. "Oh damn, what are we going to do?" I asked worried how heart broken Niall would be. "I have no idea" Harry said sitting back, so did I.

Looking back out the window I started to imagine how he would react. His eyes red and puffy, him being depressed. Niall is like an younger brother to me and I hate to see him upset. So the best and hardest way for me to prevent that from happening, I would have to keep shut.

"Look at me!!" I heard Kat say pulling me out of my thoughts. She had a pencil on her index finger and balancing it. "Wow I wish I could do that!" Lou said causing Kat to let out a giggle. "I can help you do it" she said smiling causing a smile to spreads across my face along with the others.

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