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I shared a room with Niall but he was at the hospital with Kat. I couldn't sleep without knowing how Kat and him were doing and if they were okay. So i got up and grabbed my phone. I called Niall.

N: mmm 'ello?

He sounded sleepy. I hope i didn't wake him.

L: did i wake you?

N: no, no you didn't

L: ok, how you and kat doing?

N: w-we're doin fine, but kat cried because she was worried about Emma wondering if she was going to be okay, but i told her she is going to be fine.

L: oh poor Kat, she's just a small girl she should never have to see or worry about thoses things.

N: yeah i know. I feel bad about her seeing this. Well listen um i gettin tired so I'm gonna head off, okay?

L: yeah ok see ya tomorrow mate

N: okay bye

L: bye

I hung up the phone and set it down and went to lay back down. After i talked to Niall i felt as if i could sleep.

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