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I woke up hearing a door close. i sat up and crawled off the bed and walked to the door. Reaching for the door i heard people talking, once i got the door to open i walked out to see everyone hugging. I just stood there and watched as they let go and Emma walk away. At this moment i didn't know what to do. Should i have run up to them or go back into the room. After a couple of minutes everyone turned around and walk to their rooms. I then came in eye contact with Louis. "Lou, where is Emma going? Can i go?" i asked worried where she was going. "She has to go home and you can't go with her sweetie" he spoke softly. My eyes started to water. "W-why? I want Emma" i whined as Louis picked me up and held me on his side. "I'm sorry baby, let's go back to sleep" he said was he took me back to the room. I stared where Emma had walked away.

Ever since Emma left things have been really rocky. A lot of yelling. Just the other day Jemma took me to Mikey's and the other boys dressing room because things were being thrown around between Perrie and Zayn . After that Perrie left, so did Jemma. I don't know why Jemma left but i miss her a lot. I miss all of them alot, I hope no one else leaves.

"AYE!" Louis yelled as he saw me holding his phone, i giggled as i ran away from him. He ran after me as i screamed playfully holding his phone. "I'm gonna get youu" he said still running after me. I found a table and crawled under it still laughing. He tried to grab me causing me to squeal when he got closer to me, he finally got my foot. "Noooo" i yelled as he pulled me from under the table. "Give me my phone cutie" he giggled as he tickled me. "no!" i laughed as he continued to tickle my sides. "Okay, then i won't stop tickling you" he said laughing along with me laughing. "AHhh okayy here!" i said as i put his phone down. "hm, meany" i added sticking my tongue out playfully. When i was about to jump into his back i hear someone call for me.

"Kat? Where are you?" Someone spoke. When i walked towards to the voice i saw Zayn. "There you are, i wanted to tell you bye" he said picking me up and looking at me. "Where you going Zayn?" i asked, a little worried because i loved Zayn and i didn't want him to go too. " I have to go do something for a while, but i'll come visit you , okay?' he said smiling. "Okay!" i smiled and nodded. He put me down and asked where Louis and the other boys where. I told them where Louis was not the others because i didn't know where. He then walked into the room where Louis was and i followed.

I sat next to Louis as he talked to Zayn. When i looked at his phone i saw pictures of puppies and i decided to touch on a picture on a small white puppy. "ooo" i cooed as i looked at it but Zayn and Louis stopped talking and Zayn had walked away. "What are you doing?" he asked smiling. "i picked a puppy" i answered and he looked down in his phone. "That's a cute one" he said. "Here lets look at puppies together" he said as he put me on his lap and for a while we looked at different kinds of dogs, until i fell asleep.

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