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When we arrived back at the hotel Michael and Niall both ordered the pizza. While the rest of us just sat around either on one of the two beds, on the sofa, or on the floor. "I'm bored! Let's play a game!" Perrie spoke up as she sat up from laying on the bed. "Yeah! How about spin the bottle!!!" Harry replied afterwards. I saw luke start fiddling with his thumbs while the rest of us smile and nodded.

"Sounds great! I will go get a bottle" Emma added as she got up from the bed her and Perrie we on, and walked to the small frige and took out a wine bottle. "Whoa! Why was that in there?" I questioned raising my eyebrow, making her laugh. "No reason, now who wants a drink?" She asked rasing the bottle in the air making some of us laugh. "Hit me up!" Jemma yelled out.

After everyone had their own cup of wine Emma poured the rest into a pitch, and set it down on the floor where we all sat in a circle. "Who's first?" Mike spatted out as he drank out of his cup. "You! Since you asked" Louis said pointing to him.

We went around on time.

Michael - Emma

Harry - Niall

Ashton- Me

Liam - Perrie

Louis - Jemmaq

Zayn - Liam

After Zayn went there was a knock on the door. "PIZZA!" Niall yelled as he ran to the door, opening up to the wide eyed pizza man. "That would be $25.45" the guy said. I got up and paid him and gave the two large boxes of pizzas to Niall.

We all sat around and ate pizza as we told some funny stories that had happened in the past. Suddenly I saw Perrie whisper something into Emma's ear then she whispered something into Jemma's ear. "Whoa whoa whoa! What are you three doing?" I asked pointing at them three. "What? Nothing" Perrie said laughing at the end. "You whispered something into Emma and she whispered something into Jemma." i explained "sooo what were you three talking about?" I added raising an eyebrow.

Turns out they had more liquor in the fridge. Lets say that when kat fell asleep and when louis let her sleep in his hotel room, everything started to go a bit on the wild side.

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