Drunk 1

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I sat the balcony edge talking to Michael about how much we liked pizza, while the others took more shots or taking. "I got an idea" mike spoke out. "Yeah?" I raised an eyebrow. "We all should go skinny dipping" he said softly making me laugh at loud. "What?"

"skinny dipping? You sure think of some great ideas" i said letting out a small laugh. "So you in?" He asked and i nodded.

"Guys!" Michael yelled out as he walked back in the room getting everyone's attention. "Me and Emma had came up with the idea of all of us should go skinny dipping!" He continued as i walked in and stopped beside him. "S-skinny dipping? Isn't that swimming in your u-unders?" Luke choked out as his cheeks began to stain red. "Yea" i answered as i made my way to get myself another drink.

Everyone on in the room had agreed, but luke stayed a bit quiet. "Hey, you alright?" I asked as i walked up to him. "Hmm? oh yeah" he replied as he found interest in his hands."if you okay, then why aren't you following everyone else?" I questioned "why aren't you?" He questioned back "i asked you first" "well i asked you second" i laughed at his response and shook my head. "C'mon luke" i said grabbing his hand as i walked out of the room and down to the pool.


I took off my shirt followed by my pants, leaving me in my boxers, and i jumped into the pool followed by a few other splashes. Reaching the surface i saw Emma walking with luke following from behind.

"C'mon guys!" I yelled out to them. "Coming!" Emma said stripping down to her unders then jumping in. "Your turn lucas!" I yelled out to the him who just sat down the stained red cheeks. "Lucas Robert Hemmings, don't make me get your ass in here myself!" I heard Michael yell.

"Alright alright, I'm coming" he gave in and started stiping leaving him in calum's tocan unders. "Hey! Those are my underwear!" Calum said looking over to luke.

Luke walked back then ran forward leadedinh by him jumping in. "Why do you always steal my underwear?!" Cal said. I laughed before someone splashed me from behind, turning around i saw Jemma. "Heyy" i said splashing her back.

"Hi" she replied with a small laugh as she splashed me once again. As we splashed each other, someone came up to us and said "me and some of the guys are gonna go out do you guys wanna come?" I saw Louis said pointing to the guys and Emma who were getting out. "Uh, yea"

"i'll go"


When we all got out, all of us went back up to our room to change. We all went to our rooms to get ready. Me and luke shared a room so Mike and Ash got another.

I changed into my 'Nirvana' shirt, black skinny jeans with black converse. I walked out of the bathroom to see luke on his bed waiting with his clothes in his hands.

Once we got ready we walked out into the hallway seeing everyone standing around talking. "Wow" i heard luke speek softly.

"What?" I asked looking at him the in his direction. "What?, uh, nothing" he said shaking his head then walking to Ash and Mike. "Who's ready?" I heard Perrie say as she came out of her room followed by Zayn. "Wooo" everyone responded.

"Okay, let's go!" Louis cooed out as he walked. I had a strong feeling something i was going to forget everything, Along with everyone else.


We couldn't find the keys to the van, so we decided to walk. Hearing the clicking of the girls heals made everyone look at them. "Ugh i can't do it" Em broke, she stopped holding onto Perrie as she took off her black heals the matched with her skin tight black dress. "Haha i bet i can wear those longer than you" i heard lou speek up. "Oh really?"

"Yep-wait no" he quickly said.

"Ooh noo, you said you can last longer, now put them on" she said smiling at him as she held her heals out. "Fuck you" he mumbled. "Haha you love me" she said as he took the shoes and slipped them on and Emma held his black vans. "Look your finally tall as harry" liam chimed in. We all laughed.

About 25 minutes passed lou had broke. "Damn, curse your heals" he said taking them off and giving them back to anna and she gave back his shoes. "Told you" "hey, i lasted longer so watch it" lou sassed making everyone to laugh.

As we continued walking i heard someone say, "There! It's over there" i looked where i heard the voice and saw a club. We all made our way over and walked into the club.

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