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"IT'S BECAUSE OF YOU!" i heard what sounded like Niall yelling. I ran towards the yelling as is gradually grew louder. "Me? You're the one who called her trashy names!" I turned a corner and saw Luke pinning Niall up against a wall. Seeing Niall's first ball up and started to raise up, i jumped in between them. "Hey!" i yelled as i parted the two angry males. "What's going on here?" the rest of the boys came walking in.

"Obviously this twat came in here and started talking shit" Niall hiss giving Luke a glare. "I was seeing of you were alright!" He replied raising his voice. "Of course I'm not alright! You slept w-" "enough!" i cut him off. Then began again, "This is all we ever do! Fight fight fight and fight! I'm getting sick and tired of this shit!" I snapped looking between all the boys.

It feel silent as we all looked at each other. "We lost Zayn, Perrie, Emma, and Jemma" i said looking at both of them. "All over one stupid fucking night, everyone was drunk, it was all a mistake" i looked at Niall who was sitting with his head in his hands. "We all need to stop fight because it's all childish" i finished as i looked at the calmed boys. "Louis is right, all this fighting is pointless, it all was at the start" Liam chimed in.

Once again it fell heavily silent until one of the managers came into the room. "5 Seconds of Summer, you're up" he then left. "This is the last show of the tour, then we're off to break" Harry spoke up. The 5sos boys then left the room and walked up as for us we stayed in the room. "This is it lads, after this we're on break and that's it until 2 years" Liam spoke up. "Now, let's not make this hard, group hug" harry added. We all looked as the long curly haired boy who held out his arms wide. "Harr-" Niall sighed before he could finish Harry brought us all into a hug.

After 5sos finished, the lads and i warmed up. "Lou!" i felt a tug at my shirt. Looking down i came into to contact with a pair of big brown eyes along with a smile. "Hey katybear" i greeted kat as i scooped her up into my arms. "Can i go on stage with you today?" she asked playing with her fingers. "Later on today, alright? I'll come back her and bring you up" he replied smiling as i softly pinched her cheek. "Yay!" she cheered as i set her back down.

"You're on!" someone yelled.

The lights shut off, then the colored lights shined back up the face of the screaming crowd. The beginning video played and the crowd screamed loud over the audio. The video had finished and the beginning on Clouds blared out and walking onto the stage seeing thousands of beautiful fans here made everything go away.

As it got towards the end of the show i went back stage to find kat. "Hey kat, c'mon, it's time" i said holding out my hand. She smiled wide and grabbed my hand. As we walk back up she slowed down a bit. "I-im scared now" she started pulling at my hand.

"It's fine love, nothing will happen, i promise"

iWe walked out and the crowd roared louder at the sight of Kat. She held on to me tighter and buried her face into my neck. "Looks like someone has stage fright" Liam laughed. "Hey, it's okay, everyone here are friends" Niall said rubbing her back. "Everyone say Hi to Kat" harry added. The crowd echoed Harry's request. Kat then picked up her head and looked around. "Say hi kat" i said pointing the microphone towards her. "Hi" she said softly, the crowd awed at the shy little girl. 

I continued to hold kat as we started our last song of the night, witch was Best Song Ever. I sang bits while other i let Kat sing some parts. Soon kat got comfortable so i let her down and she walked all along the stage dancing and smiling as happy as she could be. She looked to happy, i would die for her to stay that hap-


I fell into my back only looking up into the night sky.


All i could hear were two loud bangs and screaming. Soon i felt a sharp pain in my upper stomach. Looking up i could see blood and Liam rushing to me. Along with Niall and Harry rushing down the other direction, where kat was. Soon everything started to fade into black.

Everything silent.

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