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I woke up to the sound of a lady yelling, "GET UP!" I shot up and looked around at the other little girls and boys who also looked around. "Get dressed and meet downstairs in the mess hall, and HURRY!" the lady yelled again making me flinch. I watched as the little girl with short black hair get up and grabbing the clothes on the foot of the bed. Following her movement i did the same thing.

Everyone started to change infront on everyone, i got nervous as i took off my black flats followed by me pulling down my black leggings, soon showing my underwear. No one seemed to notice or care so i then pulled off my purple shirt, i struggled a bit but then I got it off. I was soon in my underwear, and i picked up the soft white cloth seeing that it had layed out into a dress.

I didn't know how to put on the dress, looking back at the short black haired girl seeing she put the dress over her head and pulling it down until her head popped out. I did the same, once i got head out i put my arms through the arm holes. "Hi, I'm Jasmine!" I heard a girl voice say behind me.

Turning around seeing a girl same height, light frizzy brown hair, and wearing the same white dress. "Hi, im...um..." i began to say before questioning what my name is. "Do you have a name?" Jasmine asked raising her eyebrow. "Yea,lou calls me kat and this lady called me Heather....so i don't know what my name is" i explain as i shrugged.

"Oh, well i will call you kat because it's like the animal!" She said smiling at me showing off her clear white teeth. "Okay! I'm Kat" i said smiling back.

After Jasmine and i put on our white socks along with black flats with a strap, crossing the top of my foot, we walked downstairs to the mess hall, like we were demanded to go. I walked in beside Jasmine to a table where there was 3 other girls.

"Hi jasmine! Who's that?" One girl who has blonde hair almost like Nialls, said as she pointed to me. "Hi, oh this is Kat" jasmine answered and sat down beside a girl who has hair short like calum. "Hi kat!" The third girl with hair like mine, long dark brown hair. "Hello" i waved sitting down in the last open seat.

The girls asked my questions such as; 'how old are you?' 'What's your favorite color', you know personality questions. But one the questions got me thinking, "Why did you mommy and daddy leave you?" Chelo, girl with hair like nialls, asked me. "I-i don't know...lou told me he cares about me and he loves me, and he never wants me to leave him" i answered looking at her. "Oh, then why doesn't he come back you you?"

"that's what i want to know"

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