Michael & Jemma

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I walked into the hotel with Jem, because she didn't feel comfortable walking by herself from the bar. So yeah I agreed. "What toppings?" She asked frowning her eyebrows, which made me laugh.

"Pineapple and Peperoni, you know there's nothing wrong with that" i empathize smiling at her. "What do you mean 'nothing's wrong with that'?! I find it a nasty"

" what, why?"

"Because you're putting something sweet on a hot and warm delight! Pizza, Michael!" She said playing shaking my arms. "It's good once you try it!" I added on laughing. "Yeah right, there's no way in hell i would put that in my mouth" she shook her head like a 4 year old refusing to eat it's vegetables.

"I'm pretty much a pizza enthusiast, so if you're eating any other topping you're 1000% wrong" i said pointing at her. "okay Mr.know it all," she joked as she poked my cheek.

After a couple of my playful arguments such as video games, music, and animals. We arrived at Louis' room. "Well, thanks for walking me here mikey" she said smiling at me. "Yeah, no problem" i replied, smiling back at her. It was awkward because we just stood there for about a good minute or so.

"Um, goodnight" she said before placing a light kiss upon my cheek. "Night" i spoke trying not to smile like a total goof. I turned on my heels and walked down the hall to find mine and Ashton's hotel room. Then i felt a load of butterflies just exploded inside my stomach.

Thank you feelings, just what I needed.


I watched as Michael walked down the hall to his room, before i knocked on the door infront of me. I heard some shuffling through the door and footsteps get loud as they got closer. The door opened, revealing shirtless Louis. "Hey, uh, come on in" he said stepping aside, letting me in.

Walking in i saw Harry asleep in his bed and kat sitting up looking over to me. "Jemma!" I exclaimed jumping up from her spot on the bed and ran over to me. Wrapping her tiny arms around my legs i picked her up and brought her in a hug."hey sweet pea" i greeted her and smiled. 

"Did you walk here yourself or did someone walk you here?" Lou asked sitting in the edge of the bed. "Michael walked me" i answered sitting next to him then letting kat back climb up to her spot in the bed.

"Oh, i don't mean to sound rude, but why did you come over here?" He asked raising his eyebrow towards me. "I just,uh, wanted to see if you were okay, like not in any trouble or anything" i answered tilting my head slightly to the side. "Oh, well since you're here do you wanna watch a movie with me and Kat?" He asked gesturing to kat and himself. "Sure that sounds nice" i replied as i took off my shoes and crawled up beside kat.

During the movie, kat had fallen asleep by my side, and i myself was slowly drifting off. I then felt a cover come over me, looking at see louis. Smiling at him as I fell asleep.

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