episode 8

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Sid touch Sana swell cheek by his finger .
Sana sleep broke she open her eyes and her eye got wide to saw sid.
Sid pull his hand back and get up.

She move back and get seat on bed .
She is moving back without thinking, and her hand hits the bed.
Sana-ahh her hand pain but she move back and fold herself like a ball in fear

Sid -What are you doing crazy you will get hurt again shout.

Sana flinch in fear tears brimmed in her eyes.

Sid-Why are you afraid that i am a ghost that will eat you loud.

Sana-she got so scared and sobbing sighs slowly.

Sid rub his temple to control his anger .

Sid look at her she is taking sob looking at her lap.She is looking like a scared kitten .

Sid don't know but her tears always made his heart ache .

Sid move towards her Sana close her eyes and clutch her dress tightly .
Sid take her small body in his arm like she is a feather and make her seat on his lap .

Sid himself does not know what he is doing, he is so cruel that he never makes a difference to someone's tears, but today he was in so much pain seeing her tear .

Sid -open your eyes kitten sofly
Sana -open her eyes hearing his soft voice.

This was the first time that the two of them were so close to each other and were looking into each other's eyes .

Sid look at her yeary eyes in which he find himself.

Sid put his palm on her swell cheek Sana feel pain and a lone tear skip from her eyes.

Sid-Its paining tracing his finger.
Sana look into his eyes which he find same pain .

Sid wipe her tear and move closer to her Sana looking his all move but his next move make her shocked.

Sid keep his rough lips on her plumpy soft cheek and kiss her for sometimes like he want to sooth her pain.

Sana close her eyes .
Sid look at her face still stroking his thumb on her cheek .

Sid -now its fine.
Sana open her eyes to hear his voice.

Sana nods and again her eye filled with tears she remember how her family when her mom and di alive took care her .

Sid feel the emptiness in her eyes .
He keep her head in his chest .
Sana close her eyes and tear are flowing out she take slow sobs .

He himself did not know why he is hurting so much for her, why he cares for her

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He himself did not know why he is hurting so much for her, why he cares for her.

Sid keep stroking her hair after sometime he find she sleep while crying .
He took her in his arm and lay down her on bed .
He cover her with blanket and leave the room.

Sid laying on his bed ,

Sid POV,
I am not like this, why do I feel so sad for that girl, why do I get drawn to her again and again? I want to stay away from her. Either because why it makes such a difference to me I can't see it, dude, why does a single tear make my heart so painful seeing it

This is what is happening to me, why there is so much anxiety inside me, why I do not keep myself away from her, I can find myself after someone like this.

Sid is so confused about his change behavior towards her.

In morning,

Sana sleep broke and she open her eyes widely.
All night sence came in her mind.

Sana touch her cheek ,
Sana -is this dream or he really came hear in night.
Sana get up and look around no one is there .she didn't understand why she dreaming about him .
Or why he came to see me.

Sana took a bath and change

She directly goes to asha tai room

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She directly goes to asha tai room .

Tai is sitting on her bed chanting god name her mala...
Sana run to her and hug her tightly.

Tai look at her smile and hug her back.
Sana crying holding her.
Sana -what happen to you tai I got scared so much .

Tai rub her back
Tai -stop crying my child she I am fine now .

She took Sana face in her palm and kiss her forehead .
Tai -are you OK
Sana nods and hug her.

Sana came down her mind is still on sid did he came or its her dream.
She is walking thinking about him.

When she collide with kush ,

Kush-babydoll what happen where are you going you need to take rest.

Sana smile and said
Sana-no I am fine and I got bore in room .

Kush find her lost.
Kush-what are you thinking.

Sana-nothing wo sir
Kush -sidharth don't worry he got angry because of tai health, so did  all  that  his heart is not that bad, just gets angry a little bit quickly.

Sana nods .

Sana move in kitchen and find rimmi and Siya working ,
Both saw Sana and hug her.

They do work together.

Sana is very confused she want to clear her mind.

She make sid coffee and move towards his room.

Sana knock in his door,
Sid come in ,

Sid is doing some work on his laptop sitting on couch.

Sana came in the room ,
Sid smell her fragrance and look at up.

Sana is standing holding his coffee mug.

Sid eye stuck on her she always looking so tempting and gorgeous he remember there night movement.

Sana -wo sir coffee and keep his table.
Sid hear her sweet voice and came in his sense .

He took the coffee mug and take a sip it really amazing but he never appreciate her.

Sana POV
Ye to bilkul normal behave kar rahe h may be I dream about him.

Sid knew she definitely come here to ask him about night.

Sana still standing rubbing her hand in nervousness.

Sid-do you want to say something .
Sana look at him and shake her head in yes no yes no in nervousness.

Sid smile innerly.
Sid -tell me stren voice.

Sana -wo kal rat app I mean ....
Sid get up and move towards her,
Her voice chocked in her throat.

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