episode 16

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In night,

Siddharth comes back to the room and saw  Sana is sleeping folding herself like a ball .

Sid move towards her and seat beside her on bed.He is looking her face or can say observing her keenly.

She is so beautiful, always pulls me towards her, she looks more beautiful while sleeping, her parted lips are looking so tempting.

His thought broke to hear the knock on door .
Maid-sir dinner
Sid took the trolley .

Sid move towards Sana and patt Sana cheeks to wake her up.

Sana-please Di I want to sleep in sleepy voice .
Sid feel bad for her she still miss her Di a lot.

Sid -get up sehnaaz soft voice.
Sana open her eyes slowly to hear her name from his mouth .
It really sound so beautiful.

Sana get up and sit hiding herself in blanket.
Sid give her food
Sid- have it
Sana -I am not hungry I didn't ......

Before she complete sid glare her and said in a stren voice .

Sid- I said na I don't like to repeat myself have it.
Sana took the plate and eat silently .

Sana is sitting silently on bed sid came  from bathroom and laid on bed.
Sana look at him .

Sid hold her forearm and pulled her .
She fell on him and her face is so close to him .

Sana try to move away but sid shake his hand around her waist and pull her closer.

Sana breath become uneven her body shivers under his touch she can fell her heartbeat increasing.Her eyes so how much scare she is.

Sid  make her hair strain behind her ear and keep his palm on her cheek.

Sid-Why are you so afraid of me and whenever I come around you why do you keep silent and to other you talk a lot.

Sana -wo I....I....fumbled
Sid rub his thumb on her cheek.
Sid-I scared you kitten looking at her eyes.
Sana nods yes instantly and then no yes no..
Sid smile looking at her cute reaction.

Sid-you are afraid of water
Sana-yes looking at him.
Sid-You shouldn't have gone there too, right?

Sana-I don't know when my foot slipped from playing with Siya or else I wouldn't go at all cutely.

Sid put her head on his chest and cares her hair Sana is shocked by his sweet gesture .

Sid also don't know why he is different with her.

Both sleep like that

Both sleep like that

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Morning ,

Kush  run in kitchen to meet her baby doll.

Sana is making breakfast ,when she saw kush,
Kush-how are you I knew you were here ,you should take rest na scolding her.
Sana-I am fine now kush don't worry .
They talk for sometimes.

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