episode 3(aditi death)

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Aditi make Sana sleep and came out from her flat.

Aditi reach near a car and seat in it.
Com-hello Aditi why you cal me hear.
Aditi tell him about the mafia meeting.

Com -wow it really work we just need to make a plane to caught them red handed.

Com give her a chip and said that is tracer apply it on anyone body who is also available in meeting that we can trace the location.

Aditi -OK sir.

In morning

Sid  in his Jim doing his workout when his phone ring,

Caller-Sir, there is someone from the police  who gets all the news of your work and he is between you with fake identity.
Sid jaw clenched in anger and he cut the call.

Who the hell try to stand in front of sidharth shukla and through his phone in anger.

Sid canceled all the meetings  and call  Arjun &kush and tells that there is someone in our midst who is a police man, both of them become shocked .

Sid-Do what you want to do, but find out who is betraying Siddharth Shukla by staying in the midst of it.

Kush &arjun got alert and start there work.

Aditi also comes to know that the meeting has been canceled and she becomes very sad because she has had a good number of plan  flop.

The whole day goes, Aditi is in the office but Arjun does not come to the office, so she does not get any new information, so she calls him.

Arjun and Khushal stand in front of sid, at the same time, Aditi's phone repeatedly comes to Arjun and he cuts it but  Siddharth,  asks him whose call is coming, then kush says Bhai ki nayi setting bole to new girlfriend aditi.

Arjun-shut up kush
Sid-concentrate in work in dominant voice.

A&k-OK Bhai.

Two days passed but they didn't find the hidden men.

Guard -Sir, the construction site of our new building has been occupied by another mafia and he has killed our men.

Sid become angry he took his gun and seat in car all gurds follow him.

Arjun is working in the office when he hear that Sidharth is going to kill the mafia. He quickly calls kush and quickly runs out and goes all out. Aditi sees that she thinks something is wrong. She also quickly goes after the two and hides in the trunk of their car.

Both reach near construction site and climb down to car they go and stand near sidharth.

Siddharth must have killed everyone and kept the mafia tied up.

Sidharth playing with his gun
Sid-How dare you try my hand at my men did you forget who is sidharth shukla.

Men- Siddharth is not doing it right. If Deny bhai comes to know that you killed me or did anything, you do not know what he will do with you. He will not leave you alive.

Sid laugh
Sid-You are threatening me, I will bury you and your deni brother alive, no one will even know.

Men-leave me you bloody baster .
Sid take out his gun and shoot on his head .
The man death on the spot.

Aditi sees all this incident with her eyes and records it in her phone.

Sid took out his google and said to guard clean the dirt.

Sid going to wear his google again when he saw the reflection of Aditi who is busy in recording .

Sid smile and wear it ,
Sid move near Arjun and put his hand in his shoulder.

Sid-You know how girls are, they only use us, sometimes for money, sometimes for their work, but they don't love you.

Arjun  look at him in confusion.

Sid shout the gun from the side where Aditi stand .
But Aditi save by shot she run to the Arjun car and start the engine.
Sid all guard also follow her .

Arjun and kush get shocked to knew that the Aditi is police .

Sid-I want that recording go and caught that girl shout.

Arjun came back in sense and nods yes he and kush run out to and seat in a car.

Aditi's car was at the forefront, followed by Sidharth's goons followed by Arjun's car, all were running fast.

Aditi -get scared and think may be she can't save herself today .
She took her phone and try to send the video on commissioner number but by mistake she send the video on Sana number.

Sid goons fire gun shot on Aditi car tyer by that the car got disbalance
Aditi tries to normalize the car, she collides with a big stone and falls into the ditch.

Arjun stop the car and run to road and saw the Aditi car got blast.
He turd on his knee tears filled in his eyes and he shout Aditi.

Sana place,

Sana is connecting her phone to her PC and do some work when video came it save on PC but Sana without seeing clear the notification and busy in her work.

In night ,
Sana become very tense as her Di is not come back home .she try to call her but her call is also not available.
Sana feel like something bad happen she hold her mom dad pic and hug them.

It midnight when Sana got a call she get up instantly and pick the call.
Caller- Spector is talking about your sister Aditi has died after falling into the chasm .

Sana Sana gets a big shock and falls on her knee.
Tears are flowing from her eyes .
Sana-No, it can't be true  Di  promised me, she can never leave me and she will not break her  promise.
No she shout and crying a lot.

Commissioner come to Sana house and console her he take her to Aditi death spot.

Sana fully breakdown she become lifeless she become alone in this world no one is there for her now .

All police officer help her to do everything of Aditi last seen .
All are very sad to see Sana,  how will she live? Such a young girl she is and look god is so cruel he take her everything .

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