episode 9

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Sana -wo kal rat app I mean ....
Sid get up and move towards her,
Her voice chocked in her throat.

Sid moving forward to her Sana move back.
Sana-no I mean may dream I ...
and she collide with wall.

Sana look at the wall and turn her face and find him very close to her.

Sana try to move sid put his both hand either side of wall and cage Sana.

Sana eye wide and heart beat become faster .

Sid look at her small body she nearly came to his chest.

Sid -so you dreamed about me.
Sana shake her head in no.
Sid-then you want to say I came your room at night.

Sana get nervous by his question she look at floor again nods in no.

Sid -then you dream tell me what happened in your dream .
Sana look hear and there rubbing her hand .

Sid keeping his thumb on her chain and make her look at him he feel peace to so himself in her beautiful ocean Eyes

Sid-always remember one things I don't like to repeat myself
I want my answer in words and when I am talking to you always look into my eyes.

Sana flinch to hear his voice damn his aura no one can deny him.

Sana nods
Sid- in words

Sid rubbing his thump on her chin
Sid-then tell me,what you see last night.
Sana-wo app...kittttten mai wo kiiss ...
In scared fumble voice.

Sid bend more closer Sana gule herself in wall his hot breath fall on her face now.He smell her fragrance it really attracted him.

Sana close her eyes tight to saw him so close.

Sid put his rough lips on her soft cheek and kiss her.

Sana open her eyes and look at him with wide eyes and open mouth.

Sid-did I do that kitten.
Sana -hmm with shocked expression.

Sid move a little back and stand properly.

Sid-but I didn't do anything it your dream normal voice.
Sana- what but why I saw that kind of dream she thought to herself.

Sid enjoyed her confused face.

Sid-all clear
Sana look at him .
Sana-umm ha with confused expression.
Sid -then leave.

Sana -ji and she run out from his room.

Sid seat on his couch and took his coffee mug .

In his life first time he behave like that but it make him feel so good.

I don't know why I did this, I had never done it before. But this girl why I feel so attracted towards her .

She is such a strange girl, she is not even afraid of me, how she came to clear her confusion hear.

And I literally make her more confused.

Sana POV
I don't understand what is happening
First he tell me kitten or whatever he did to me, after that he said that I have a dream .and now again he kiss me.
And why I dream about him.

Sana-ahhh this make me more confused.

Sana get along with rimmi and siya and do all work.

In basement,

A man hand is tied in a pole and he is fully drench in blood sid men's beating him continuously.

Sid came folding his shirt sleeve he took out a cigrate and lit it and sit on his chair.

Men-sir I really do that work for money I don't know who is behind this.

Sid took a smoke and said,
Sid-are you guys supplying . Even after I already stop these deal.

Don't you know my rules we are mafia but never play with any innocent life and you guys supplying those drugs in college loud voice

Men-sir I don't...
Sid took a cutter and cut his wrist.

Men -sir I really don't know please leave me the men crying the blood is ozzing a lot and he became unconscious.

Sid -Arjun make the announcement gather all the mafia I want to knew who are dealing with drugs after my warning also.
May whose death came .

Sid is so much angry he was mafia but never harm to innocent he already made some rules to that mafia world who not follow these rules they had to die.

Sid-kush go to that college and caught all the bastered who are selling these to student.

Kush-OK and leave.

In night

Sana is putting something in her closet when siya came running her .

Sana close the closet fastly and turn.
Siya-look at your face Sana you are looking so scared like I caught you red handed laugh.

Sana took a high breath and said
Sana its nothing Siya look and saw her parents photo.

Siya-how you got this.
Sana-kush gave me I told him.
Siya -oh
Both talk for sometime .

All came back,

Sid is very angry but his all anger flew in air to saw Sana smiley face who are sitting with rimmi and Siya and talking with them.

Kush-what are you doing my baby doll and run towards Sana .

Sana look at them and get up .
Sid shake his head and move towards stair.

Kush-I miss you so much
Sana -dramebaaz is a perfect name for you.
Arjun-yes that name invented for him.
Kush-common guys don't you think I am just like a hero .
Arjun-bs I can't speak more lie.
Kush-shut up jealous .

Sana laugh at them .

All have there dinner except sid .
Sana send his food by siya hand.

Sana came to her room and change in night dress given by siya.

Sana -siya did he have his food.
Siya -o I forgot to tell he return it he said he is not hungry.

Sana nods and seat on her bed.
Sana-why he always skip his food did he want to become sick.

Sana-let it be what I can do.
She lay down on her bed,
but can't sleep she change her position time to time.

Sana huff and sit
Sana-I don't know but I can't sleep like that why I feel so restless.

In sid room ,
Sid is thinking about the drugs dealers and the damages happen to youth .

He is sitting near the big window of his room .
Smoking half packet of cigrate.
When he hear knock on his door.

Promo -party in sid house

Hey guys sorry for late update .

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