episode 28

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After there argument sid give all the files document to her to knew that he is a mafia but never killed innocent .

He leave her alone and make a distance .sid didn't talk to her neither be with her in his room.

He mostly be in his study or office,
After knowing about him Sana feel bad she want to talk with him.
Sana try to initiate conversation with him but he ignore her always.
She feel bad by his behavior .

One day,

Sana is roaming in mansion with siya and goshping.

Siya-sana if you dont feel bad can I ask something.
Sana-of course siya tell na.

Siya-oh I saw sir is not talking with you anything is happen between you guys.

Sana look here and there to avoid.
Siya-I know Sana you don't like his work but he is not bad person .You are his wife try to understand him spend time with him.

If you keep running away then the distance become wide between you both.

Sana understand all things she herself can't saw him in anger but he is angry on her .

Siya-don't think much he can't be angry with his wife winking.
Sana slap her arm playfully with smile.

Sana make his special coffee ,
She took a deep breath and knock on his study door.

Sana find door is open she came inside ,

Sid is busy in his work doing something in laptop.

Sana with a smile ,
Sana-wo I make coffee for you,
Sid looked at her ,she give him a smile,

But he ignore it and looking at laptop,
Sid-I don't want it you can go.

Sana smile flushed,
Sana-why I make this for you with pout.

Sid didn't reply ,
Sana keep the coffee on his table and move out with sad face.

Sid look her lost figure he took the coffee ,and a smile curled on his lips.

But then make his angry face back ,

Sana -he is really angry on me not talk or neither look at me .
She feel restless by his ignoring behavior.

Sana -let's do something for him then may be his anger melt.
Sana-but what to do.

And she look herself in mirror she touch her mangalsutra .

Sana heart-u are his wife then do the thing what wife does for her husband

In night,

All are having there dinner without sid as usual he is busy in his work.

Sid came back in his room night for having his shorts T-shirt but shocked to see the darkness .
Because Sana can't be in dark.

Sid looks around,but find all the lights is on  then he starts thinking why the light of his room is off.

Sid is going to on the switch when he here some sound and turn

Sana burn a candle .
And the whole room filled with candles.

Sid eyes popped out to see her,

Sid eyes popped out to see her,

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