episode 21

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Sid woke up rubbing his eyes but angry to didn't find his kitten beside him.

Sid-Why doesn't this girl come to make me angry always she knows that I like to see since morning, still don't listen, but if she is on her leg, I don't know where she is walking in pain.

He climb down from his bed but stop to hear bathroom door sound,

He turn and find Sana who came after taking a shower ,

His eyes stuck on her beautiful face She came wearing this

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His eyes stuck on her beautiful face
She came wearing this

Her hair are wet drops are fall on her skin making her more gorgeous ,

Sid didn't know when his legs move towards her direction.

Sid stand near her Sana look at him ,sid is lost in her fragrance.

He lovingly extends his hand towards her and backs her wet hair with his fingers.

She close her eyes when feel his touch on her skin.

Sidhartha puts his hand on her neck and as the drops come down he brings his hands down with her and rub the drops with his thumb on her neck.

Sana doesn't even know why every touch of him affects her body, it always has an effect on her, because of that she had new  feeling, she  felt very different,

she feels very different with him but very comfortable with him. It's not even myself that's why it happens with me.

Suddenly her thought got broke when she find floor slip under her feet.

Because sid took her up in his arm .
Sana-sidharth ji I am fine now please put me down.

Sid ignore her words and make her seat on bed ,

Sid-Do you always like to hear scolding from me?

What is the need to get up in such a condition, the heart is hurt but still do not give up.

Could have woke me up, would have told me that I would have left, going like this by yourself, if I u get hurt again.

Sana smile on his caring nature and concern for her he have.

He took her legs in his lap and check her cut ..

Sana feel ticklish to feel his touch on her legs .

Sana-See it is fine now it was not much, please don't worry

Sid -hmm but no need to work ,
Sana-Well then who will do it, either there is no maid and you don't want breakfast.

Sid -wait and watch ,

Sid keep her legs on bed and took his shorts and T-shirt and enter in bathroom .

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