episode 6

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Sana knocked on sid door but she finds door is open .

She peep inside the room but didn't find anyone,

Sana took the food inside and look around .
It is the first time she came in sid room it really a huge room but the color if wall is dark which made her scare .

Sid came out from bathroom wearing short t-shirts rubbing his wet hair from towel when he saw Sana .

Sid-what are you doing hear?
Sana  flinch to listen his voice.She look at him who is glaring her.

She shift her eyes down ,
Sana -sirr wo..I..I ...took food for you fumble voice .

Sid -and who tell you to bring food for me  take that food back I didn't want it.

Sana-please eat something don't sleep empty stomach it pain in night in low voice.

Sid is astonished by this girl he make her life hell and she is worrying about him.

Sid is also craving for her handmade food which so much tasty.

Sid seat on sofa without saying anything.
Sana look at him and serve the food on plate and keep it on table.

Sid is looking at her in simple dress also this girl looking so beautiful.

Sana stand a side silently looking at floor.
Sid eating his food but his eyes is only stuck in Sana.

Sid complete his dinner .
Sana came near him give him tissu paper to clean his hand but for her shock .

Sid took her dupatta and wipe her hand and mouth.

Sana get scared and think to leave out .
She keep the plate back and turn to leave.

Sid-who said you to leave loud voice
Sana stop there and turn his side keeping her head down.

Sid sit comfortably on sofa,

Sid -I think you should hate me then why this fake  concern or you have planning something to take your sister revenge laughing on her.

Sana feel very bad tears fill in her eyes.

Sana -I am not such that I can take revenge on anyone, but I have full faith in my God, he is always there for me.

Sid-If god is there, why did the same God make you alone, why did he send you among such bad people, why not your God help you?

Sana-Whatever is happening is my fate, maybe I can bear so much pain, that's why God has given me so much pain.But my mother used to say that light always comes after dark.

Sid-You are crazy, God does not do anything, God sits and watch the spectacle, we have  write our own luck, you have written your own cry for your own luck, so you are crying.

Sid look at his parents photo on wall and said,

God just sit and watch the spectacle, laugh at us, snatch our people, he don't know give happiness .He love to saw us crying.

Sana-Everything is in this world there is sadness but there is also happiness to be known, there is  hate, so is love also in low tone.

Sidharth look at her how pure she is she don't have any  complaint from God even after so much happen with her.

Sana -sir can I go ?
Sid came out from his thought .

Sana leave.

Sid lay on bed Sana talk revolve in his ear he look at his parents photo .
It is just a matter of saying only when life really took your love one you can't be the one who you are.

In morning,

Sana get up early to do her work she came out to her room and shocked to see every servant is doing there work .

Siya-Sana sir cancel your all punishment you have to only cook and hug her.

Sana smile hug her back and thank to her god.

In breakfast table ,

Sana is serve food to kush and Arjun and asha tai is also with them today sitting on her wheelchair.

Kush is cracking jokes all are laughing Sana also smile with them.

Sid came down getting ready for office.
He hear there laughing but his eyes stuck on Sana smiley face .

Tai saw sid ,
Tai-what happen sid baba come here.

Sana hear sid and smile flew away from her face.
Sid notice that.

Sid came and sit on his chair,
Tai-Sana sid KO serve kar do.

Sana nods
She move near him and serve him without looking at him.
Sid didn't like it.
Tai notice that.

All have there breakfast, sid let go guys to Arjun &kush both nods.

Kush get up and said  to Sana
Kush-bye baby doll .
Sana smile.

Arjun also move to Sana and put his hand to her head ,
Arjun-take care yourself
Sana nods with smile.

Sid saw them he feel a pinch of jealousy to saw them closer to her and she only smile with them .
It make him burn in anger.

Sid wear his goggles and said ,
Sid-if you guys are done with your drama move to work in loud tone.

Sana get scared to listen his voice .
Kush to Arjun

Kush-Brother, run otherwise we have to become hunters of the predator.
Arjun shake his head on kush .

Sana in asha tai room.
Tai-why are you fearing so much to sid baba.
Sana didn't know what to say...
Tai-I know he gets angry very quickly and gets angry very much but he is not bad of heart. Time did so bad with him. Grow up before time, so he treats everyone like this.

Sana hear her silently.


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