episode 19

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In morning ,

Sunlight fall on Sana face and she woke up rubbing her eyes cutely,

But her small wise become wide to see sidharth who was laying beside her and staring her a small smile playing in his lips.

Both look at each other silently for sometimes.

Sana-what happened you got up so early and why you staring me.confused face

Sid put his palm on her cheek and rub his thumb there.

Sid-Cause I didn't want to miss this chance I wanted to see you on every morning like this .

Sana feel so much new sensation on her body no one ever be so close to her or talk like this .

Sana try to get up ,

Sid stop her,
Sid-where are you going,

Sana -ji wo I....
Sid trace his thumb on her jaw and came on her lips .

Her voice stuck on her throat,

Sid  drool over her lips and staring her like a child stare her chocolate.

Sana see his gaze ,

Her lips become dry she licks her lips didn't know her move make his desire more .

Sid move towards her lips ,her lips is trembling.

Sid is now very close to her ,
Sana-I have to go please with scary tone.

Sid came back in his sense to hear her voice.

Sid move back and saw her scared face,

Sid-go kitten ,
Sana open her eyes and run instantly towards bathroom .

Sid lay down on bed and smile on there cute moment ,
He feel himself like a teenager .

Sid POV,
She is so  attractive but she don't like all girls she's totally different and absolutely pure I want to live with her I want her to be comfortable with me.

And he sleep again thinking about Sana.

Sana came out wearing this ,

She find him sleeping took a deep breath,

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She find him sleeping took a deep breath,

Sana-It is good that he is sleeping or else I feel so shy to in making eyes contact with him .

She move down and do her work making breakfast.

Sana to herself

Sana-why he is so good with me never force me for anything why I feel myself pulling toward him.He make me feel protective around him .

I never feel uncomfortable with him .

Sana hit her head and said,

Sana-behave yourself nothings is like that he killed my sister he is a bad person ,he never be good.

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